• Arriba = Salto
  • Izq = Detenerse


  • Anthony Urbina
  • Mauricio Flores


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It's a nice and unique platformer. It's a combination of simple mechanics usually seen in endless runners and the multiple levels of a more typical platformer. I liked the design of the Boogeyman, it really looks terrifying and I especially liked how the yellow teeth pop out of the otherwise greyscale game. The music reminds me of the songs I recorded for my own early game projects, sounds nice at first, but may not warrant longer-term use.

I'd like to invite your game to our Game Development World Championship!

Hello! I'm Mauricio, one of the developers of the game, could explain me a little more about what this championship is about, when and where it is. Thank you very much.

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It's a contest for all independent game developers, with the goal to find out the best indie games of the year. Entries are free and open until the end of September this year. After this, a jury will choose winners in several categories, but meanwhile there are also weekly polls where some games may appear. If you're interested, you can register and enter here: